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UBL UK NetRemit is an online money transfer service for people taking care of their loved ones, for people who are investing in the future and know how important it is to have a convenient, simple and reliable service.


UBL UK NetRemit is one of the most reliable ways to send money to Pakistan. Funds are sent within minutes, and both you and your beneficiary will receive an instant text message or email notification with the progress of each stage of your funds transfer.

You can transfer money to any bank in Pakistan, credit a Pardes card or send cash to be collected at any UBL counter by the beneficiary. Funds are credited and available immediately if the recipient has a Pardes card or is collecting cash from a UBL counter, whereas a bank transfer will take between 24 to 48 hours to clear in the beneficiary’s account.

Our convenient 24/7 online service enables you to pay using any UK Bank debit or credit card, set up new beneficiaries and make regular payments. Our simple app for Android and IOS means you can send money to friends and family on the go, and even register a new beneficiary.

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Service AnnouncementThe UBL UK Remittances App (for iOS users) is now available in Apple App Store for the existing customers. Please upgrade your UBL UK Remittances App with the latest release version (3.1.9).

Please Note: Please note that in certain instances a One Time Passcode (OTP) is required, this includes when you register on the NetRemit system, add / amend beneficiary details, make amendments to your details or make a payment online or via a mobile app using NetRemit. When necessary the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS message and you will be required to enter the OTP on your screen to complete your request.

If you do not have a mobile number registered on the NetRemit system for UBL UK to send you an OTP, or if the mobile number that we hold for you is not up-to-date, then please contact UBL UK’s Customer Service Department on 0121 753 6000 to ensure that your current mobile number is registered on the system.

Please Note: In order to ensure that we continue to comply with money transfer laws, rules and regulations, it will be mandatory to provide your beneficiary's CNIC number on all remittances to Pakistan through United Bank UK. These changes are now effective and are mandatory.

Please Note: From 14th September 2017, you will no longer be able to send money to Bangladesh through UBL UK. Please contact us for further details.


Phone: 0121 753 6000

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