Frequent Questions & Answers

UBL UK NetRemit App is a remittance service of United Bank UK provided through an application (app) available on android and IOS mobile phones. This app provides consumers the ability to send money to Pakistan using an android or IOS mobile phone.
No, this app can be downloaded free of charge.
Search ‘UBL UK Mobile Banking’ in your app store, download and sign up using the ‘send money to Pakistan’ option.
A new user can register for NetRemit through the use of this app. Once the app has been downloaded instructions will be provided so that you can register.

If you are already a registered user on NetRemit online, simply login to your account with existing unique username and password as you would on UBL UK NetRemit website. On the NetRemit App however it will ask you to enter your memorable word. This would have been selected and provided by you upon the initial registration of your NetRemit online account.

Once you have registered and logged in you will be able to remit funds by entering your beneficiary information or choose from your existing beneficiaries. Choose the amount to be remitted, review your transaction for accuracy, and accept the Terms and Conditions before confirming.

Upon verification of your identity and with debit card approval, the transaction is confirmed and processed for delivery according to your instructions.
You can send money from any Android or IOS mobile phone through this app that has internet access.

Please Note: It is now mandatory to provide your beneficiary's CNIC number on all remittances to Pakistan through United Bank UK. These changes are now effective and are mandatory, to minimize the impact upon you we would recommend the following steps:

  • Make contact with any existing beneficiaries and obtain their CNIC number
  • Update the CNIC number for existing beneficiaries before initiating a transaction
  • When setting up new beneficiaries in the future, ensure that you obtain their CNIC number along with their account details
  • A valid CNIC number is required across all remittance channels at United Bank UK, so ensure that you have this information if you are visiting us in branch to make a remittance, online or on our mobile App.
You can send money to any individuals in Pakistan. You cannot send money to pay a bill.
No. UBL UK NetRemit services are not for commercial remittances
No. Beneficiary can only get funds in local currency i.e. Pakistan Rupees for beneficiary in Pakistan.

UBL UK’s single transaction limit is £20,000. Proof of source of funds will be required if your remittance is £10,000 or more in any 3 month period. You will be informed if extra information is required and what documents are required as proof of source of funds at the time. The documents requested may include, original or certified copies of bank statements for last 3 months, proof of income i.e. pay slips, P60, and for self-employed we would request original or certified copies of business account statements for the last 3 months. These documents should be posted to the following address:

NetRemit Team, UBL UK

391-393 Stratford Road,

Birmingham, B11 4JZ

Alternatively, you can visit any of our branches with your original documents and one of our branch officers will attest your documents and send it to us accordingly. If we do not receive this information within 10 working days we will not be able to process your remittance payment. Please note that copies must be certified ‘original seen’ by a solicitor, your bank or chartered accountant. Alternative words such as ‘Attested’ will not be acceptable. We do not accept online copies of documents.

  • Remittances to Pakistan for an amount of £90 and above = Free
  • Remittances to Pakistan for an amount less than £90 (i.e. £89.99 and below) = £3.00
  • Remittance cancellation, amendment or refund=£10.00
The currency accepted from you as the remitter is in Pound Sterling. The currency delivered to Pakistan is in the Pak Rupee equivalent.
The beneficiary in Pakistan can receive cash at UBL PK branch counter and funds can also be uploaded to beneficiary’s Pardes Card in addition to transferring funds direct into beneficiary’s bank account.
UBL UK aim to deliver funds within 24-48 hours. The 24-48 hours starts from the next working day once the remittance has been processed and may take longer to remote areas of Pakistan.

If your remittance has not reached your beneficiary within 48 hours please call 0121 753 6000 and we will track the status of your remittance for you.
You can check the status of your remittance by logging in to your account via the app or online ( and clicking on the ‘Track my Remittances’ icon on the application.
If you are using UBL UK NetRemit App, you can either click the icon ‘Customer Feedback’ and advise us of any issues you may be having or you can visit our NetRemit website and select the ‘Contact Us’ option. You can also alternatively directly contact us on the details below:

Central Operations –Remittance Team
391-393 Stratford Road
B11 4JZ
Main: 0121 753 6000

Please ensure that you quote your remittance tracking number in all correspondence to ensure we can assist you swiftly in resolving the problem.
Your address on NetRemit must match exactly with the address on your debit card statement and that is on file with your issuing bank. Our system will verify this address to protect you from card fraud – if the address does not match exactly, your order will not be processed.

You may also contact to your bank if your details are correct but payment has not been authorised by your bank.
As a Visa or MasterCard card holder, you have an option to sign up with Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code, programs established by those companies to minimize and eliminate the risk of fraudulent use of card online. This offers card holders an extra layer of fraud protection by having you enter an additional password before an online transaction can be completed. By requiring this extra layer of security, UBL UK can better ensure that we do not process a transaction not initiated by you.
Yes, you can use your UK credit card as a means of payment.
Yes. Your debit card information is secure. The on-line payment service we use is Sage Pay. Sage Pay is audited by an independent auditor on a regular basis to ensure that it complies with the latest security standards set out by Visa and MasterCard. Sage Pay asks your card issuer to authorise your transaction at the time you make payment. This is a completely secure process and they ensure that your details cannot be accessed by a third party. An acknowledgment is displayed when your payment is processed. If your card issuer does not authorise payment a message tells you authorisation has been denied. If you cannot correct any error you will need to arrange payment by an alternative method. Card issuers check for fraudulent payments. Therefore if you try to make a payment that does not correspond to your usual pattern of card use, your payment may be declined. If this happens you need to contact your card issuer for an explanation. We will not hold any of your card details on our system.
When you open the UBL UK NetRemit app on the main and subsequent screens you will see 3 options for forgotten details.

1) Forgotten Your Email ID
2) Forgotten Your Password
3) Forgotten Your Memorable word.

By selecting the appropriate option you will be given instructions to retrieve or reset your details.
UBL UK Net Remit is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7). You can send money any time at your convenience.
United Bank UK and UBL UK NetRemit prohibit the use of its money remittance service to directly or indirectly fund illegal activities including but not limited to money laundering, support of terrorist activities, fraudulent sales, theft or solicitations. In compliance with UK regulations, we are required to gather additional information in certain transactions that meet the criteria of corresponding regulations. If you are contacted in order to gather additional information, your transaction may be delayed until all criteria have been satisfied.
If you realise that you have provided incorrect information with regards to your beneficiary details, or you wish to cancel the transaction, please contact UBL UK NetRemit support team as soon as possible on 0121 753 6000. Any amendments to the original beneficiary details provided by you will incur a £10 charge, as will any cancellation of a transaction – whether or not the change or cancellation is successful. Please note that if the transaction has already been processed and sent to the beneficiary’s bank, we cannot guarantee the retrieval of funds or changes to the beneficiary details.
A One Time Passcode (OTP) is a security measure providing you with enhanced protection when accessing your NetRemit account. The OTP is a 6 digit number sent to you via SMS message to the mobile number that you provided at registration.

You will need to have a registered mobile number capable of receiving SMS messages in order to register for the UBL UK NetRemit service, your registered mobile number will also be required when making certain transactions or when adding new recipients to your NetRemit Account.
For certain types of transactions, such as making a payment to a new recipient, when you reach the 'Confirm Details' stage of the transaction, we will send you a SMS message to your registered mobile number containing a ‘One Time Passcode’. Simply enter the 6 digit OTP in the designated on-screen box provided to validate and complete the transaction. The OTP process is designed to provide additional protection to registered NetRemit customers as it enforces additional verification when completing certain processes on the system; this is essentially a mechanism to safe guard against fraud. Further information of the specific instances for which an OTP is required are listed in the “When will I be required to enter an OTP” section below.
For the majority of transactions you will NOT need to enter an OTP. For example, you will not require an OTP to log into the NetRemit system (after your first ever login to the system) or make a payment to someone you have paid before.

However, you will need to use an OTP in the following instances:

  • When you initially register to use any UBL UK NetRemit services
  • When you login to the Mobile App or Online service for the very first time after registration
  • When you update / amend certain aspects of your details on the system such as:
    • When you add a beneficiary
    • When a transaction is initiated with a newly added beneficiary
    • When you update an existing beneficiaries details
    • When a transaction is initiated after your profile has been updated
    • When a transaction is initiated with a newly added payment card
    • When you use the Mobile App on a new device
If you perform a process / transaction on the NetRemit system that requires an OTP, when you reach the 'Confirm Details' screen, you will immediately be sent an OTP to your registered mobile number which you should receive promptly (this should usually be received within seconds). In exceptional circumstances it could take slightly longer (a couple of minutes) depending on your network coverage. The OTP 6 digit code is only valid for the current transaction so you do not need to memorise it.
If your mobile number changes from the one that you have registered on the NetRemit system, you should contact UBL UK’s Customer Service Department on 0121 753 6000 to advise that your mobile number has changed. They will in turn update your mobile number details on the NetRemit system. As a security precaution, you will be sent an OTP to your new mobile number to authorise the change.
Unfortunately you will be unable to receive an OTP code if you do not have sufficient mobile phone network coverage. An OTP can only be sent to a mobile phone with network coverage to enable the SMS with the OTP to sufficiently reach the mobile phone. However, as advised in “When will I be required to enter an OTP” section, the majority of the standard NetRemit transactions do not require OTP verification. If you do not have mobile phone network coverage, you will need to wait until you are able to receive an SMS message to verify your transaction. If you do not receive the SMS message within 5 minutes due to insufficient mobile network coverage, the OTP will expire and you will need to restart the process, see “Is there a time limit to use an OTP?” section below.
UBL UK will not charge for sending you an OTP message via SMS. However, receipt of an SMS message may be chargeable by your mobile network service provider. It should be noted that most UK mobile phone providers do not charge you to receive SMS messages, even when abroad, however, you should check with your mobile network service provider to confirm whether you will be charged for receiving SMS messages.
You can receive an OTP code via SMS message overseas if your handset and SIM card allow global roaming and the country you are in operates a compatible network. You will require sufficient network coverage to receive the OTP SMS message as outlined earlier in this document. Please check with your mobile network service provider for further information about global roaming.
You have 5 attempts to enter your OTP code correctly. If you enter the OTP code incorrectly 5 times, your NetRemit account will be blocked for security reasons. In this scenario please contact UBL UK’s Customer Service Department on 0121 753 6000 who will provide further assistance.
You are required to input an OTP within five minutes of receipt, If you are unable to input the OTP within this timeframe the OTP will expire, and you will need to restart the process. A new OTP will in turn be generated and sent to your registered mobile phone number.